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BBQ – Veggie Sides

When a burger, ribs and sausages just aren’t enough for the occasion, turn the family reunion into a festival with these simple vegetarian ideas to serve on the side. Colourful, succulent, tasty sides that promise to take your BBQ to the next level of – yummy.


Greek Salad Skewers


You don’t have to grill it to enjoy it.

The basis of a mouth watering Greek Salad combines the classic tomato, olives, feta cheese and cucumber with fresh oregano and a good drizzle of olive oil.

This ‘skewered’ version serves family and friends with a Greek Salad on a stick. Skewer the ingredients, scatter with oregano, drizzle with Stokes Mango & Orange Dressing, share and enjoy.

Try it with our deliciously sweet Mint Sauce thinned out with olive oil and drizzled as a fresh-flavoured dressing instead.

Simply Haloumi


Haloumi is such a versatile cheese, it can take quite a battering. Brush it with a little oil and grill it directly over the heat with garlic and peppers to make part of a side salad.

Or try these ‘squeaky chips’. Cut the cheese into chip shapes, brush them with one of our great BBQ Sauces – perhaps adding Asian ‘wow‘ with our Korean BBQ Sauce – and grill.

The sweet and fruity sauce adds so much with its rich dark brown sugar, soya sauce, and sweet Mirin wine.

Barbecuing with Vegetables


Whether instead of meat or to accompany meat and fish, certain vegetables hold up well to being cooked, one way or another, on the BBQ grill.

Smaller veg. – cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette discs etc – are better skewered. Larger veg. – aubergines, courgettes, squash – are best sliced lengthways, oiled and placed directly on the grill.

For a really juicy combination of texture and taste, try Vegetable Parcels. Assorted vegetables, roughly chopped to equal sized pieces, in double sheets of foil can have a number of flavoursome additions to make the final dish better still.

Make individual portion sized parcels with a drop of white wine and herbs (thyme) in each.

Try adding Mint Sauce for its sweet garden mint and white wine vinegar balance.

Or stir in a spoon of our Cider & Horseradish Wholegrain Mustard, particularly if the parcels include baby new potatoes.

Make parcelled ratatouille with courgettes, onion, aubergines, pepper and tomatoes, adding a drop of red wine and our Tomato or Bloody Mary Ketchup.

Seal the parcels tightly, pop them in the embers so the vegetables inside steam in their own juices for 40 – 50 minutes, then open them up to sit on the grill for 15 minutes or so more, to take on the smoky essence of glorious barbecue.

Mushrooms & Blue Cheese


Simple, quick, delicious.

Use and slice a firm but not crumbly blue cheese such as Stilchilton, Harrogate Blue and Yorkshire Blue.

Hold this firmly within the caps two Chestnut mushrooms, threaded with a couple of pieces of spring onion, then another cheesy mushroom sandwich. Brush the mushrooms with Original, Sweet & Sticky or Korean BBQ Sauce (for a smoky-sweet or fruity-sweet contrast to the tangy blue cheese).

Grill quite quickly to soften but not lose the cheese. The mushrooms with have a full-flavoured bite around the distinctive cheese.