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Back to School – Finally

Healthy, filling, tasty, colourful plates of nutritional food can be easy to rustle up and deliciously refreshing after a busy day at school. Our ‘squeezy’ range of family-sized sauces are great value and perfect for smaller hands, easy to clean, fully re-cyclable AND made from 100% re-cycled plastic.


Pretty Tasty Pasta


Sometimes the usual pasta sauces aren’t exciting enough to inspire happy eating. This is as vibrant as it is tasty.

Bake a sweet potato then cut out and dice the healthy contents. Cook some broccoli florets and fresh corn kernels. Chop some lovely, sweet ham and tomatoes. Now mix all of these in a bowl with a good drizzle of vinaigrette made by whisking our Chilli Jam and Tomato Ketchup into olive oil with a squeeze of lime juice..

Cook curly Fusilli pasta to the pack’s instructions then, once drained, stir in a couple of good spoons of our Real Mayonnaise for a creamy finish, before combining the pasta and fruity vegetables together.

Bangers & BBQ Beans


Turn Bangers ‘n’ Beans into something special.

While your sausages bake in the oven with vine cherry tomatoes, slice and fry a red onion until it is soft, then add your favourite baked beans, rinsed kidney beans and 100 ml of beef stock.

Now add a good squirt or 2 or 3 tbsp of Stokes Original BBQ Sauce (available in a squeezy bottle) and 2 tbsp of our Tomato Ketchup to enhance the smoky tomato flavours, simmer and serve with the sausages. Make lots because dad will want some too.

Our 30% less sugar Tomato Ketchup puts less on the waist but has all the taste thanks to the 212g of beautiful tomatoes crammed into every 100g of ketchup. Only available in squeezy bottles.

Chicken Salad Wrap


For moist, juicy chicken, use chicken breast joints on the bone.

Make a trivet of criss-crossed celery and fennel in a roasting tray, add water to a level just below the celery trivet, rub the chicken breasts with a coat of Stokes Lemon Mayonnaise and roast until the juices run clear.

The celery-infused steam keeps the lemony chicken moist.

Spread each tortilla wrap with our Real Mayonnaise, assemble the salad, chicken and grated Red Leicester cheese, roll and enjoy.

Why not shake up the tastes with our new Sachet Collection. They offer generous portions and are so easy to open.

Sausage & Cheese Fritata


Using a big meaty sausage each, pop them in an ovenproof pan with slices of sweet red pepper and bake in a medium oven for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat 8 eggs and mix in 4 or 5 chopped spring onions and about 100 g of grated Cheddar cheese.

Carefully lift the pan out of the oven, turn the sausages over and spread each with a combination of Stokes Classic English Mustard and our Chipotle Ketchup. The combination adds a sharp, smoky tang, balancing well with the cheesy egg mixture you now pour into the pan.

Back into the oven now for 15 minutes until the eggs firm up, then serve with a sprinkling of more cheese, chopped spring onions and parsley.

Shake it up with a Sachet


This collection contains 8 of our generous ‘real-world portion’ sized size sachets perfect for keeping in the glovebox for trips to the seaside, to pop in the suitcase for nights away or to drop into a wicker basket for summer picnics, to ensure that you are never without your favourite sauces!

Order your Sachet Collection – HERE.

This selection box contains the following Stokes’ sachets of sauce:

3x Stokes Tomato Ketchup – The star of the Stokes range! 200g of sun-ripened, juicy Italian tomatoes are crammed into every 100g of this award-winning ketchup, giving it a rich tomatoey flavour which makes you wonder how you hadn’t discovered it before!

2x Stokes Real Mayonnaise – It’s the egg that makes Real Mayonnaise real and we use more whole egg in our recipe than anyone else we know (12%). British free-range whole eggs at that too, and a healthy dash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil for a really luxurious finish!

1x Stokes Brown Sauce – If you prefer brown to red then this rich and spicy brown sauce is just what you need. Rich in date puree (9%) and made with black treacle and our unique blend of spices. Brings out the best in a bacon sandwich

1x Stokes Tartare Sauce – A smooth creamy sauce jam-packed with coarsley-chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to fish.

1x Stokes Original BBQ Sauce – Everything a BBQ sauce should be. Sweet, thick and smoky. Perfect to use as an accompaniment, marinade or a dipping sauce.