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February: a short run into March, Daffodils and the start of Spring. Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Ox (12th) and the love of St. Valentine. Share these simple recipes for all: Chinese takeaways ‘made better’; the marvels of mayonnaise; fresh thoughts for Valentine’s; and gifts for all – with love.


Simple Pleasures


Our growing RECIPES pages have become so popular with customers and followers alike. Mainly, they are recipes created by our Resident Chef, Andy and photographed by our own Ben. We also include foodie thoughts and recipes from other contributors, customers and foodie friends who all love Stokes.

We learned how to make this fabulous dish of pan-fried pork steaks with braised peas, kale, and sticky shallots from one of our great customers, Storm.

For the full recipe, click HERE and see how he makes his fantastic dressing with our wholegrain Cider & Horseradish Mustard.

We made this in lockdown but added our own twist to the greens by adding some sweet, garden-fresh Mint Sauce to the stock, adding an extra dimension to the greens.

The Year of the Ox


This Chinese New Year on 12th February is the year of the Ox. Those born under the sign of the Ox are said to be strong, reliable, fair and conscientious, inspiring confidence in others.

No restaurants to celebrate and no Dragon Dances to watch, but there are still many ways to share in the celebrations of this Oriental New Year.

You may be cooking a wonderful stir fry from scratch, ordering a favourite takeaway, or pinging a promising ready meal.

I hope we can be part-Ox as we confidently seek to inspire you in ways to make your meal better still with these amazing sauces:

Sweet Chilli SauceMade with red chillies and red peppers our Sweet Chilli Sauce overflows with the vitality of the Orient. With its sweet, clean taste this sauce is deliciously versatile as a dip for Prawn Crackers or added to your stir fry for the last couple of minutes in the wok.

Hoisin SauceA rich sweet sauce made with Yellowbean sauce, soy sauce and little red chilli. This Oriental classic will have you coming back for more. It is a classic accompaniment to spoon onto your pancakes for Aromatic Duck.

Tomato KetchupDeliciously juicy Italian tomatoes, 212g of them packed into every 100g of thick, rich Tomato Ketchup. Mix a teaspoon of Chinese 5 Spice into 3 or 4 tablespoons of ketchup as a marinade for spareribs.

Chilli KetchupA twist on the best tomato ketchup – savour the rich tomato taste and then feel the heat of the spices kicking in. Use it as another style of marinade or shake it onto a Singapore Chow Mein to pack an extra punch.

Brown SauceThis is a grownup brown sauce. Sweet and spicy sauce it is rich with date puree, black treacle and our own unique blend of heart-warming spices. Try mixing this spicy sauce with our Hoisin Sauce as a dip for Chines battered pork, chicken or prawn balls – delicious.

Marvellous Mayonnaise


Our Real Mayonnaise was one of the first products to benefit from Stokes ethos of taste, quality & responsibility. Quality is derived from our unerring insistence on using the finest ingredients possible.

We use only whole eggs from British free-range Welfare Assured hens into which we gently add very fine rapeseed oil to create the product’s core. Velvety smooth and subtly flavoured. It’s crowning glory is the Cretan Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil, drizzled into the blend to create its unique finish.

Garlic is puréed and added to make our Garlic Mayonnaise, creating the richness and flavour of a fine quality aioli – it is utterly delicious.

Just imagine what lengths we go to to make our Lemon Mayonnaise so zingy and refreshing; our Chilli Mayonnaise so velvet smooth on the tongue then warming on the palate; or our Honey & Mustard Mayonnaise, well, don’t imagine – try it … HERE.

Recognising its qualities at the recent Great Taste Awards, the judges commented:

Your garlic mayonnaise leaves a wonderful clean aspect after eating and it is rather addictive. Bravo.”

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