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Eggs – Free Range of Course

Happy hens mean happy eggs – little self-wrapped bundles of versatility, packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Poached, scrambled, boiled, fried or baked, they tick all the boxes for good, simple food. The fresher they are, the easier they crack into the bowl to be whisked with another and another …


Ewan's Boiled Egg


Ewan McGregor said: “I worked as a waiter when I was 15 and got the chance to appreciate good food, simple food. There’s nothing better than a boiled egg with toast.”

Never take anything for granted in the kitchen. For even the basic tasks it’s worth consulting (virtually) the experts. For boiled eggs, Delia is Queen.

Her tips include a small saucepan with water to just cover the egg by 1cm. Up to the boil, then gently, slowly in with an egg that has been allowed to reach room temperature after refrigeration. Set a timer to 1 minute, off the heat, re-set the timer to 6 minutes for super-soft boiled and 7 for a slightly firmer finish.

Try brushing your soldiers with spicy Brown Sauce, wrapping them in a coat of bacon and toasting them under the grill. Or brush the bread with zingy Chilli Jam first, then under the grill to let the flavours of sweet peppers and warming chillis be absorbed into the bread, before dunking deliciously in your runny egg.

Potato Cakes


Potato Cakes are a great way to use up leftover mashed potato. Mix 500g of said mashed potato with 100g of flour 1 egg and 3 tbsp of Red Onion Marmalade. If the mixture is too wet, add more flour; too dry, add a drop of milk.

A tasty alternative to the Red Onion Marmalade is to use our Creamed Horseradish instead – seriously yummy.

Put a little flour on your hands and make patties ready for frying.

Top the cakes with a couple of ripe avocados mashed with our Garlic Mayonnaise. Boil or poach an egg each and serve with Chilli Jam or our deliciously thick Tomato Ketchup.

Croque Madame


Did you know that it’s the egg being added that changes the ‘monsieur’ into the ‘madame’. If you know why, please put us out of our misery and tell us.

This is the simplest ever Croque Madame. Chunky slices of sourdough bread work really well. Put grated cheese, slices of ham and our smooth Dijon Mustard between two slices.

Generously butter the outside of each slice and fry for 2 minutes each side, pushing the sandwich down with a fish slice.

Keep each croque warm while you fry your eggs to top the sandwiches.

Mac 'n' Cheese Omelette


Make or buy a truly creamy, cheese pasta ‘Mac’.

Try cheating with a microwave mac ‘n’ cheese. Scoop the pack contents into a pan and heat it through. As it starts to bubble, spoon in some Philly-style cheese to give it a velvet smooth texture.

Stir in Stokes Dijon or Classic English Mustard until the bite warms your heart deliciously. And fold in finely grated Cheddar cheese for even cheesier joy.

At the final stage of the bubbling omelette, add the pasta to the setting egg, fold and serve with a happy squirt of our thick Tomato Ketchup.

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