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The Beauty of Beetroot

The beetroot is a thing of beauty. So readily available throughout the year, cooked and shrink-wrapped ready to eat and at the peak of their season right now. A bit fiddly to cook raw, perhaps, but so worth the effort. These tips and tastes will help unwrap the earthy goodness of beetroot.


Beetroot Shakshuka


To roast raw beetroot – the basics:

Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/gas mark 7. Put 3 or 4 beetroots on a large sheet of foil, folding up the sides to form a bowl around the beets. Pour a glass of water into the top and scrunch the foil to seal.

An hour in the oven will let them steam until tender. Let them cool a little, don your finest pair of rubber gloves, then scrub or peel the skin away.

[TIP: Do this on a plate rather than chopping board to avoid staining the surface.]

For the ‘oh so beetroot healthy’ Shakshuka:

Dice 2 beets (as above). In a deep pan, cook 1 diced shallot until soft and translucent before adding the diced beetroot, 2 grated cloves of garlic, 1 can of chopped tomatoes and a little oil.

Let this bubble briskly to reduce the tomatoes, then add 2 tbsp of Beetroot Relish, a good shake or 3 of thick Tomato Ketchup and 2 more or our Chilli Ketchup. Simmer for 5 minutes with the lid off before stirring in 1 tsp of garam masala and season to taste.

Stir the flavours together before making 2 or 3 wells with the back of a spoon, crack an egg into each well, lid on and simmer gently until the eggs cook. A sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley finish the dish.

Beetroot Hummus


Roast your beetroots as above or use a pack of cooked roots.

Put roughly half and half beetroot and chickpeas (1 x tin rinsed and drained should be enough) in a blender with 1 tsp of ground cumin, the juice of 1 lemon, 2 tbsp of Stokes Beetroot Relish and 2 tsp of our Creamed Horseradish Sauce.

Blitz and enjoy.

This is so tasty spooned onto toasted slices of rustic bread with slices of cucumber, chopped chives and fronds of dill to finish.

The sweet, earthy beetroot hummus, with heat from the horseradish, makes an amazing snack or supper.

Beetroot Tart


This beetroot is boiled rather than baked. Peel 2 or 3 fresh roots and simply boil them in water for 45 minutes or until they are soft.

[TIP: We have it on good authority that fresh lemon juice will remove beetroot stains from the fingers when applied, rubbed and rinsed several times.]

While they boil, pre-heat the oven to 220 C / Gas Mark 7.

Roll out a sheet of puff pastry, folding the edges in to form a 1cm border all round the base and bake it in the hot oven for 15 minutes.

Wilt, drain and roughly chop 150g of fresh spinach, then combine it in a bowl with 250g of soft goat cheese and 1 tbsp of seed-popping wholegrain Cider & Horseradish Mustard.

Now, with the pastry out of the oven and the beetroot cooked and sliced to show off its rustic rings, assemble the tart.

Spread the spinach mixture across the base with spots of earthy Beetroot Relish and sweet dots of Red Onion Marmalade. Arrange the sliced beetroot, sprinkle crushed walnuts and thyme leaves over the top and bake for 10 minutes before serving with a fresh salad.

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