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Wrap the Gift of Taste

Keeping a packet or two of plain Tortillas in the freezer is a family essential. Just as filling them can be family fun. Roll up fish fingers with ketchup and mayo, or take it upmarket with our fab Tartare Sauce. These versatile little assets are ready to wrap all sorts of wonderfully tasty goodies.


Seafood Wrap


Crabsticks chopped with plump sweet prawns is all you really need to achieve this seafood cocktail in a wrap.

Chop and combine your chosen cooked / cooled seafood in a bowl and stir in 2 parts Real Mayonnaise to 1 part Bloody Mary Ketchup (for a Bloody Mary Rose Sauce), a squeeze of zesty lemon juice and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.

Chop and assemble the salad – crunchy cool iceberg lettuce, finely chopped celery and perhaps red pepper too.

Spread some of each on the tortilla and wrap ‘n’ roll for a tasty treat.

A variation would be to add Chilli Jam to the Bloody Mary Rose Sauce if you like even more spice and flavour depth in the seafood.

My Hot (Fat) Greek Wrapping


Despite the gusto of the Greek-style filling, it makes healthy low-fat eating.

Halve and cook a couple of small chicken breasts and finely chop the meat when cooked through.

Add 2 tbsp of Caesar Dressing to 125ml of plain yogurt, 4 tbsp of chopped feta cheese, 1 tsp of dried oregano (fresh if you have it), 1 tbsp of Chilli Jam (or Chilli Ketchup) and the zest of 1 lime. Now, combine the chopped, cooked chicken into this mixture and set it aside.

The third element is a diced Greek salad, chopping cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives and red onion, mixing them together in a bowl and drizzling them with Mango & Orange Dressing.

Set 4 tortillas out on the work surface spooning and spreading the chicken / yogurt mixture evenly onto each. Divide the chopped Greek salad similarly and fold the tortillas in two.

Fry them individually in a little oil for 2 minutes each side and into a low oven to keep warm until all are cooked. Slice each into three and have fun.


Falafel Salad Wrap


Supermarket falafels are now so good and have such variety that it’s really not worth making your own. In a wrap with a fresh, light salad, they are a meal in moments.

Dress it up with a minty sauce. Put 200 g (a small pot) of Greek yogurt in a bowl and stir in 2 tbsp of our Garlic Mayonnaise, 2 or so (to taste) tsp of Mint Sauce and 1 tsp of Creamed Horseradish Sauce.

This adds a hint of aioli and warming Essex horseradish to a sweet garden mint and white wine vinegar finish.

Mexican-Style Prawns


Just as wraps are versatile, so too are prawns.

We used fresh prawns for this, slicing peppers and frying them in oil with 2 cloves of grated garlic. As the peppers begin to soften, add the prawns and 2 or 3 good glugs of gutsy Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Lift the peppers and prawns from the pan when cooked and set aside.

Make a simple tomato salsa with a few skinned, deseeded, chopped cherry tomatoes mixed with 2 tbsp of our salsa-style Burger Relish and 1 or 2 tbsp of Chilli Jam (to taste).

Build your open tortilla with slices of cooling avocado, zingy prawns and peppers, a spoon or two of salsa and one of sour cream. Finally add a good squeeze of lime juice and away you go.

Ordered, Delivered, Enjoyed



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