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Healthy Tastes for Happy Tums

Most homes have had to push their foodie repertoires way beyond the normal boundries of family favourites. With our help, through these Newsletter posts, we hope to inspire fresh tasty plates of delicious food to make tums – large or small, short or tall – happy & healthy at mealtimes. Stay well.


Pizza Bolognaise


Clearly shop bought pizza bases, flatbreads and pita bread make great bases for toppings of your choice but if you want to make your own base, try this from a recent post – HERE.

Bolognaise on a pizza base is a wonderful change to pasta. Softened an onions then brown 400g of minced beef in a little oil. Add 2 x grated garlic cloves, 1 tsp of mixed Italian herbs, 1 can of chopped tomatoes and a few good shakes or squeezes of our thick Tomato Ketchup. It’s so thick and richly tasty, you won’t need passata.

For the pizza topping you need it thicker than a pasta sauce, so don’t add water but do add a beef stock bouillon.

Let it cool a little before spreading it on the pizza base. Top it with strips of Mozzarella cheese then into a very hot oven, pre-heated to 240 C / Gas Mark 9, for 12 – 15 minutes, cracking an egg or two onto the top halfway through.

Served with Garlic Mayonnaise or Bloody Mary Ketchup (both!) on the side – success.

Summer Salad Sensation


This is a cracker of a salad inspired by @asianfoodandkevin on Instagram. He has some amazing flavour, texture, colour combinations here – the perfect components for a tasty plate of food.

Our twist is to use warm potatoes in the potato salad base to add a fourth dimension – heat. Cook new potatoes, so they stay firm and waxy, then toss them in a combination of 1 part Mustard & Dill Sauce to 3 parts Real Mayonnaise. The Mustard & Dill works with the smoked salmon to give light flavours of Gravadlax.

The potatoes form the base, to which you can add: tangy, sharp capers that sit head to head on your taste buds against sweet slices of juicy plums. With pieces of smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon juice, drizzle of Orange & Mango Dressing and a few fronds of fresh dill – wow.

Now crown this glory with a few splashes of zingy Chilli Mayonnaise and you have another winner.

Tuna Mayo Baked Spuds


Baking sweet potatoes makes this a super-yummy Summer lunch.

Drizzle a little oil over your potatoes, sprinkle with a finger twist of sea salt and pop them on a baking tray into the oven, pre-heated to 180°C/gas mark 6 for up to 45 minutes (according to their size).

Meanwhile make a small quantity of cheese sauce with 1 tbsp of our Classic English Mustard stirred into it. Add this to a bowl containing a tin of tuna (in springwater, drained), a small tin of sweetcorn (drained) and 3 or 4 tbsp of Stokes Real Mayonnaise, combine well and season.

When the potatoes are suitably baked (crisp on the outside, soft in the middle), remove them and let them cool to that ‘ooch, ouch’ finger touch temperature.

Slice them open and scoop out half of the insides, adding the fluffy sweet potato to the cheesy, tuna filling, then spoon this tasty mixture back into the spuds. Fold the juicy curly best bits of kale leaves into the top and finish with a good grating of Cheddar cheese. Now, back into the oven for 10 minutes until the cheese bubbles ‘eat me’ and enjoy your lunch.

Stir Fry Surprise


Any stir fry, with or without meat or fish, is a great thing.

To make the meat side really easy, use shop bought slices chicken to add to vegetables – broccoli, pepper, mushrooms, spring onion.

First surprise – if you want a semi-dry noodle dish, use tenderstem broccoli. Cut the fine flowered stems off to stir fry, bruise the thicker stalks and make a vegetable stock with the stalks and celery. Add a vegetable or chicken bouillon for extra flavour and cook your noodles in this. Add your noodles to the vegetables with as much or as little of the cooking liquor as you wish.

Second surprise – to add further flavoursome joy to the vegetables, when they are just about cooked, add our Sweet Chilli Sauce for zingy Asian taste or our rich Hoisin Sauce for Peking pride.

Surprise number three – to turn your stir fry into a Korean broth, make a vegetable stock for the noodles as above, perhaps a little more, adding 3 tbsp of our NEW Korean BBQ Sauce and a squeeze of lime juice to the ‘broth’. When the noodles are ready, stir them into the vegetables, serve, then pour the broth into each bowl.

This is particularly good when cooking fresh prawns with your stir fry – but that’s not really much of a surprise … it just makes foodie sense.

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