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Sharing Fun Memories of ‘Tapas Time’

We can’t hop on a plane to Spain for a table full of Tapas, but we can enjoy their small bites and wonderful flavours at home. Make them in advance, pop them on a tray and help yourselves – no cutlery, no plates. Eat well : Stay well.


Teeny Huevos Rancheros


These are basically teeny Huevos Rancheros – tapas style – and they’re wonderful.

Fry a few skinned, de-seeded cherry tomatoes with grated garlic in a little olive oil and add rinsed and drained butter beans with a good shake or two of our Chilli or Chipotle Ketchup and Chilli Jam, plus a little dried oregano.

Reduce the juicy mixture and squash the beans with the back of a fork to allow them to soak up the intense flavours. Toast some French bread whilst frying a few quails eggs, then spoon, place and serve with a slice of roasted red pepper on top (from a jar will do) as the final flourish.

Patatas Bravas


Patatas bravas are originally from Madrid, where the dish was created and also patented.

Peel and cut your potatoes into irregular chunks of approximately 2 cm. Put  them in a large bowl and coat them with a drizzle of olive oil, Tomato Ketchup and 2 tsp of paprika.

Coat the potato chunks well, then tip them into a hot roasting tin and into a hot oven for 25 to 30 minutes until crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Serve them dressed in a spicy, smoky tomato sauce made with a mixture of our Garlic or Real Mayonnaise (3 parts) and our Chipotle Ketchup (1 part).

Sardine Shells



You can’t walk down an Algarve street without smelling sardines as they grill all day long to be served with confit potatoes.

Cook and reserve your pasta shells – Conchiglie – bringing them back to life to fill before serving. Chop shallot, courgette, aubergine and tomato very finely, then cook them in butter until they start to soften. Shake some our amazing Bloody Mary Ketchup into the pan to finish the mini ratatouille.

Use fresh sardines, grilled, or tinned fillets to top the ratatouille-stuffed shells and garnish.

Tapas Tortilla


Another classic served cold on a typical tapas bar is the Mini Tortilla.

Thinly slice 2 medium sized potatoes and 1 or 2 courgettes and fry them gently in oil for 15 minutes or so until they become tender, then set them aside to drain and cool.

When cool, put them in a large bowl and pour in 6 beaten eggs with 2 tsp of our warming Classic English Mustard and 1 tbsp of Chilli Jam.

Stir up the mixture and season before pouring it into a 20 cm square baking tin that has been warmed in the oven and rubbed with oil.

Pop the tray into an oven, pre-heated to 200°C/gas mark 6, for 20 minutes, removing it when the egg firms. When it cools, turn it out onto a board and cut it into squares.

They are delicious dipped in any of our Mayonnaise or Ketchup families – yum !

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