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Add Sizzle to Your Summer

We have been blessed (yes really) to have faced this dreadful virus in such fine weather. To step forward with hope, we keep the sun shining for your taste buds, bottling and preserving the heat in a sizzling collection of chilli sauces.


Our Chilli Jam


Meet one of the stars of the Stokes portfolio and an absolute ‘must have’ in the store cupboard.

Our Chilli Jam is a deliciously sticky jam, bursting with sweet chilli peppers, red peppers and red chilli heat.

We literally spoon it onto and into anything that deserves a bit of chilli enlightenment. The sweet jam balances the tingle of the chilli so well, your can keep on spooning.

Even these fluffy roast potatoes have been given the chilli treatment with our Chilli Jam. Spoon it into your chilli con carne or add a little ‘wow’ to a sheepish Shepherds Pie.

Enjoy it as part of our Summer Sizzler – Chilli CollectionHERE.

Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce


This Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce is a wonderfully sweet, smoky flavoured chilli sauce, rich with spicy tomato, sweetened with cane molasses and black treacle.

The chilli seeds release their punchy heat through the smoky finish.

Paint a little (or lots) onto sweet, juicy prawns before grilling them, indoors or out. you will still enjoy the wonderful taste of the prawns, lifted by the smoky heat of the instant marinade.

Try stirring a couple of spoonfuls into a pan of baked beans for sweet and intense smokiness with a hot spicy kick.

Enjoy it as part of our Summer Sizzler – Chilli CollectionHERE.

Chipotle Ketchup


This wonderful Chipotle Ketchup brims full of real Italian tomatoes with a smoky, spicy kick!

Chipotle Chillies are Jalapenos left to ripen on the plant to a deep red, before being smoked dry, giving them their distinctive flavour.

Add a couple of good glugs to chopped tomatoes and herbs as a truly tasty base for meatballs in a bun.

Stir it into a chilli con carne for a smoky difference or add smoky heat to an onion gravy. It makes part of an amazing grilling or BBQ marinade too, with orange or pineapple juice, lime zest and grated fresh ginger.

Or simply use it as a base for a truly tasty burger.

Enjoy it as part of our Summer Sizzler – Chilli CollectionHERE.

Chilli Ketchup & Chilli Mayonnaise


Our Chilli Ketchup differs from the Chipotle Ketchup above by removing the smokiness, intensifying the tomatoes and adding red chillis and cayenne pepper for a mouth-tingling finish.

Use it to spice up Tasty Tacos by adding it to the onion, minced beef, garlic, tin of tomatoes and a little paprika.

Coat chicken pieces in it before grilling or frying them, then pop them in a pitta pocket with fresh salad.

The Chilli Mayonnaise is a beautiful mayonnaise made with British rapeseed oil and British free range eggs to which we add jalapeno chillies, giving a subtle warmth through a rich and velvety mayonnaise.

Plump prawns just love the chilli dip – it makes a tasty change, even from our Bloody Mary Rose Sauce. Make a potato salad sing with your supper.

Paste it onto the skin of chicken breasts before roasting them for a shiny crisp skin and subtle chilli finish.

Meet our Summer Sizzler – Chilli CollectionHERE.

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