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Great Value – Great Pork

Great British pork is a glorious thing, thanks to our UK farming welfare standards being so high and their produce so good. Today’s foodie focus showcases delicious pork on the plate.


Sweet Pork & Pumpkin


Start by browning 750g of cubed pork with 1 diced onion and 2 grated cloves of garlic. I use shoulder steaks and cube them. They have great flavour coming from just the right amount of fat.

Stir in 2 tbsp of flour, 750ml of chicken stock, 2 tsp of Stokes fruity Bramley Apple Sauce and a few good glugs of our Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce (its maple-sweetness with a horseradish finish adds so much flavour into the dish).

Let this simmer for 30 minutes before adding 2 cored and quartered apples, a dozen Brussels sprouts and the cubed flesh of half a butternut squash. Mix everything is the gravy, season and simmer for 20 minutes until the squash becomes tender and serve.

Spicy Pork Ribs


Pre-heat the oven to 180°C / Gas Mark 5 in readiness for these juicy ribs, which you fry in oil to brown the flesh.

In a separate pan we’ll make the sauce. Melt a knob of butter and grate 1 inch of fresh ginger into it with 2 grated cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp of honey, lots and lots of our Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce (for its smoky chilli heat), 500ml of chicken stock and 150ml of pineapple juice. Simmer this and stir in 1 tsp of cornflour diluted in a splash of red wine.

Put the ribs in a roasting dish and pour the sweet and spicy marinade over the top before putting it in the oven for 1 hour. Put the ribs on a sharing plate whilst adding more BBQ Sauce to the marinade with the juice of a lime to create a zesty dipping sauce.

Yummy and messy – it just doesn’t get better.

Classic Forrester Pork Chop


Simple and so tasty.

The fat on pork chops is so sweet and juicy (best bit!!), so hold the chop(s) by the bone or with tongs to render it down by pressing its fatty edge into a hot frying pan for a minute or two.

Pop the chops under the grill or in the oven to cook through, turning half way. While the meat cooks, add a knob of butter to the rendered pork fat with as many mushrooms as you can fit, a sprinkling of thyme leaves and a shake or squeeze of Stokes Brown Sauce (for its fragrant Persian spices).

Cook the mushrooms down for 10 minutes then stir in our Classic English or Dijon Mustard to taste and pour in 100ml of chicken stock. As this simmers, add half a tub of Philly-style creamed cheese or crème fraîche. Season and serve over or alongside the chops.

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