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Guacamole Mayonnaise

What you'll need

1 ripe Avocado, Juice of 1/2 Lemon, splash of Sriracha Sauce (hot chilli sauce) and
2 Tbsp Stokes Mayonnaise.

Steps to take

Place the peeled and stoned avocado into a food processor with the lemon juice and enough Sriracha sauce to give a little kick, blitz till smooth and fold in the mayonnaise. Check the seasoning and...'ta daa', a deliciously creamy accompaniment, perfect with fish. 


Recipe courtesy of Hugh McGivern - submit yours! 


Guacamole Mayonnaise

Serve with Haddock fillets, coated in a mixture of chopped peanuts and polenta with a little curry powder to give a crisp coating when fried, delciously simple!