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10 ways to use Apricot Chutney

What you'll need

Steps to take

1. Paste onto sausages before grilling for a sticky glaze.

2. Use as a dip for tortilla chips!

3. Add a dollop to casseroles for a sweet sauce.

4. Combine with lamb mince and roll into burgers for an eastern inspired flavour.

5. Stir into Korma, its just delicious with coconut!

6. Mix into your chestnut stuffing mix for a fruity twist.

7. Warm and use as a sweet dressing for salads or meat.

8. Spoon over duck breasts for the last 10 minutes of cooking. Ta daa, the perfect summer glaze.

9. Mix with Stokes Barbeque Sauce for a sweet and sticky variation

10. Dollop a spoonful into your meatball mix for a tangy alternative!

10 ways to use Apricot Chutney