The Stokes Story

The story of Stokes Sauces began with a food business start-up born from the belief that food should be honest, clean and taste delicious. 

Founded in 2004 by Rick Sheepshanks today Stokes Sauces employs over 60 people producing over 50 different lines, all hand produced to carefully created and closely guarded recipes in our Suffolk "Saucery".

Based at Rendlesham Hall, near Woodbridge in Suffolk we only use the best ingredients and we reduce, simmer, cook and make slowly in traditional ways. Together we think our small team produces the finest sauces and preserves you can buy in a jar.

Our very first product was Real Mayonnaise, a luxuriously creamy smooth mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil, whole egg from British free range chickens and a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

It wasn't long before Rick went on to create our recipe for Tomato Ketchup;

and all because he needed a real food sauce that would encourage his daughter to eat more vegetables. What better than a rich tomato ketchup made with real Italian tomatoes.

Today the story of Stokes continues with more sauce than ever before but the same approach  throughout - tasty sauces, made with real food ingredients for food to savour.

Food made better.