Our Ingredients

Our Gluten Free promise…

At Stokes, we ensure ingredients are clearly listed on the label of our products to clearly state where ingredients contain or are derived from cereals containing gluten, such as barley and wheat.


Quick guide to our Gluten Free

The following products from our range are not gluten free or we do not know the level of gluten in the finished product:

•         Real Ale Chutney – Ale (barley)

•         Sweet and Sticky BBQ – malt vinegar (barley), Soy Sauce (wheat)

•         Hoi Sin Sauce – Soy Sauce (wheat)


The following list of products from our range contain gluten derived ingredients, but the level of gluten in the overall product is <20ppm and can therefore be classified as ‘gluten free’:

•         Coronation Sauce – malt vinegar (barley)

•         Tartare Sauce – distilled malt vinegar (barley)

•         Bloody Mary Ketchup – Malt Vinegar (barley)

•         Creamy Caesar Dressing Malt Vinegar (barley)

•         BBQ Sauce – Malt Extract (barley) 

•         Brown Sauce – Malt Vinegar (barley)

•         Piccalilli – Distilled Malt Vinegar (barley)

•         Spiced Apricot Chutney – Malt Vinegar (barley)


N.B Malt Vinegar and Distilled Malt Vinegar does not contain any gluten.  It is removed by the double fermentation process that vinegar goes through as part of the manufacturing process.  However, because it is derived from barley, this information has to appear in the list of ingredients on the label) Spirit Vinegar does not contain any gluten. Procedures are in place to eliminate cross contamination from gluten containing products/raw materials.