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Celebrating our success at the Great Taste Awards!

This year Stokes Sauces celebrates its 10th Anniversary, so what better time to be recognised for some of our most popular products than now?

Tomato Ketchup, Brown Sauce, Bloody Mary Ketchup and Real Mayonnaise recently received gold stars as part of the Great Taste Awards, a guarantee that the products are good quality and taste delicious too.

The awards process involves product sampling by 400 judges, with around 10,000 products being judged across various categories. Nationally recognised, the Great Taste Awards are highly anticipated by smaller producers like ourselves and provide consumers with a ‘seal of approval’ that makes great tasting brands like Stokes stand out.

Real Mayonnaise was the first sauce we produced at Stokes and is made with British Free Range eggs and extra virgin olive oil, which help make it so delightfully creamy. Stokes Tomato Ketchup, our best selling product, is packed full of 196g of real Italian tomatoes to every 100g of sauce. That’s doubley delicious by anyone’s standards! Stokes Brown Sauce is a British classic that’s actually made here in Britain and containing 9% date puree compared to just 1% by most other producers. As well as praising our classic sauces, it was exciting to see our Bloody Mary Ketchup similarly recognised, as one of our more innovative recipes. A dash of real vodka and Worcestershire sauce give this distinctive sauce its tangy flavour and we hope it encourages even more Stokes fans to try it!

Celebrating our success at the Great Taste Awards!